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The current landscape of the workplace, influenced by global events, changing work dynamics, and a shift in societal attitudes, underscores the importance of supporting the physical and mental health of the workforce. Employers who prioritise employee well-being are likely to see benefits in terms of productivity, retention, and overall organisational success.

Working Well East Midlands can help your business with recruiting new staff and support you in maintaining a healthy workforce as well as having the opportunity to give something back to the community and supporting our NHS.

Our partnering employers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to skilled candidates who actively choose to join your organisation.
  • Assistance in promoting the well-being of your workforce, including guidance on managing specific health conditions.
  • Information and support in the application process for Access to Work funding, providing additional resources to support your employees.
  • On-site visits and support phone calls as needed for personalised assistance.

Unlike other employment services, we first secure placements and then train. This approach aids businesses in enhancing their support for employee health and wellbeing, resulting in increased job retention and reduced recruitment costs.

Our services are offered to your business completely free of charge!

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